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Other cartoons

Post by Tyrion on Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:33 pm

What other kind of cartoons do you like? Tell us, please =)

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Re: Other cartoons

Post by SlyDragoon16 on Sun Feb 05, 2012 3:30 pm

Wow. Looks like Iím the first to post anything, even though the topics being going for almost a year. :0

You may or may have not heard of it, but Iíve always been partial to The Animals of Farthing Wood.

Origionaly a German production, the entire show was based off the best selling children's books and is somewhat renowned for its in-depth storyline and mature themes.

Season 2 was my particular favourite, mainly due to the well written script and strong, in-depth storyline. The main villan was aslo terrific!

Season 1 was also great but in my opinion it was only outdone by Season 2's superior storyline and more expressive themes.

Season 3 was a complete and utter disaster...
It seems that some nutcase thought that it would be a good idea to change a classic cartoon with an emotional and gripping storyline into one full of pointless, comic relief and constant stupidity. While I did find the new animation somewhat pleasing I was annoyed by the weak, sugar-coated and childish storyline that contrasts greatly with those of Seasons 1 and 2.

But overall it was an excellent cartoon, one that the kids of today should be watching.

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Re: Other cartoons

Post by TabalugaDragon on Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:24 pm

I agree, Sly. Animals of farthing wood was a great cartoon, the first time I saw it, I thought it was made like in 70-s or 80-s, not in 90-s though(because of very old styled animation), but this was a great cartoon, I wish I saw it when I was a kid, but it was never broadcasted in russia( I think) and probably due to a lot of violence in it.
and I completely agree about the seasons. Season 2 was great and deeply written, season 3 wasn't that childish as it seems though(I re-watched the series about 3 weeks ago) but I still agree, it was the most childish and cartoony, I have a lot of complains about it like -why to show all these characters growing old and complaining all the time how old they are(though Badger died in season 2, I think it was the saddest moment in the whole series, can only be compared to Bald's death), being unable to fight, especially Fox.

Though I didn't like that Adder was so evil in in this cartoon, it may seem she was heroic sometimes but if you think about it, what she did was mainly for herself, even keeping an oath(so others protected her by the oath as well), her behavior seemed natural as some points, but if it was more natural she wouldn't be frightening poor little animals for no reason, it was very mean, and also I heard that in the books she was much better.

and about me - my second favorite cartoon is Land Before Time. not the original(even though it will always take a special place in my heart) but the sequels, so many people complain about, calling them unnecessary, even "crappy" which I hate and absolutely cannot approve, knowing how great they are (I watched them all about 10 times already). their animation (since the 7-th movie) is incredible, music is very well composed, songs are delightful, and voice acting is amazing, I especially love Petrie, he has a very cartoony personality, but he is also quite kind, decently smart and will always help a friend in danger.
LBT also always brings childhood back to me, I forget about ALL problems whenever I watch them, and after watching I can concentrate or anything, as nothing worries me after.
Other cartoons I watch sometimes, but can't really call myself a fan of them: Marvel cartoons, Blazing dragons(hilarious, highly recommended for dragon fans alien ) The Mask(much better than Son of the Mask movie!!at some points even better than the first film) and almost any 2D animated movie( I like the animation in them, due to bigger budgets than animated shows)

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Re: Other cartoons

Post by Ben-M on Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:46 am

other series? Well...

I like a french animation called "Wakfu", composed by two seasons:

First season: Yugo is a Young Eliatrop (a class of people who have control of portals, teleportation and the Wakfu energy) who embarks in a adventure to find his family. In this way, will know a friends, as Ruel (an old Enutrof who only are interested in money), Evangelyne (a young, beautyful and cautious Cra specialized in art of archery), Amalia (a princess of a Kingdom of vegetal people who workship the god Sadida) and Sadlygrove (a young warrir Iop). In this way for found the Yugo's Family, they'll found AdamaÔ, a young dragon who... IS YUGO'S BROTHER!!. After this, the heroes will face agains Nox, a powerful wizard who have the hability of the control of time whit the intention to absorb all the Wakfu (energy of life and the power) of all things for his personals proposites.

Season Two: months after defeat Nox, Yugo and his friends leave for a new adventure. In this occassion, Quilby, a mysterious Eliatrope who have appeared of mysterious form, sends to Yugo and his friends to researh of the Dofus of Shynonome, the Dragon Egg viculated with Quilby. In this way, evil forces will be brought in the Way of the heroes: Remington Smisse, the Prince of Rogues or Rushu, the selfsame Lord of Demons. But, despite all his enemies, nothis is what it seems...

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Re: Other cartoons

Post by Tabalugathedragon on Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:34 pm

pretty good cartoons you've picked here Very Happy
I used to watch The animals of farthing wood, Land before time and The mask when I was little too and thought they were quite good series Smile

Still if I have to pick one cartoon series in the same greatness series than Tabaluga I'll have to pick Avatar The last airbender (:

I just absolutely love the whole series with all of it's 3 seasons. First one being the best one of them still however.

The series itself contains a lot of emotions, caring of everyone and everything around us and has a great animation Very Happy
The plot is quite humdrum so it probably wouldn't inspire any of you to watch the series but the whole series implementation is so great that despite that so I recommend this series for everyone Very Happy

I myself could watch this series allover again and already have Smile

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Re: Other cartoons

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